San Diego Boat Show 2016

June 21, 2016

San Diego Boat Show 2016 BannerThe Summer 2016 San Diego Boat Show was an overwhelming success. The show boasted an expanded venue, over 100 exhibitors, more activates for attendees and 100’s of boats for sale. The final attendance is not yet in but, by all indications, this will be a new record for attendance. 


SD Boat Show 2016 ExhibitThis was Russco Marine’s first time as an exhibitor at this event. Company president, and founder, Brian Russell was on hand to personally introduce and discuss the Russco Marine family of products. Our exhibit included live and video presentations. Brian spent a lot of his time talking with our visitors about ways to improve our existing products as well as listening to their ideas on new products they’d like to see us develop. Our Russco Marine Growth Remover & Preventer and Waste Water Treatment & Conditioner products received the most attention from the attendees. This show was also the launching point for our recently released Waste Water Tank Vent Filters. This product is a major technological leap forward and will make the standard carbon based filters obsolete. Responses from our visitors indicate that this will quickly become one of our flagship products.


Nimbus Sepertor


Preview Of Our Soon To Be Released Products

Included in our exhibit were samples of our soon to be released Russco Marine Apparel, our new Non-Slip Pail Holder and a prototype of our new Marine Growth Remover & Preventer Injection System. Be sure to come back to our Online Store frequently. They will be available at our online store as soon as they are put into our inventory.


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 Nimbus Sepertor

The number of visitors to our exhibit exceeded our wildest expectations. We’d like to thank all attendees for stopping by our booth to learn more about why we feel that Russco Marine Products are superior to those offered by other manufacturers. We will be taking the feedback from our visitors and using it to improve on our existing product line and develop new products for your boating and recreational needs.

Thanks again for visiting our exhibit! We’ll be returning for the January 2017 show. Hope to see you there.

Nimbus Sepertor

Did you visit our Exhibit? We would appreciate your feedback on your experience while at our boat show booth.

We value your opinion. Click here to send us your comments and suggestions. 

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