Waste Water Treatment & Conditioner System Installation Package


Installation Kit Sept 18 16

The Russco Marine Waste Water Tank Treatment System eliminates unpleasant odors from your boat or RV waste water tanks. This product is affordably priced and ECO Friendly. The system can be easily installed in less than 2 hours. Maintain your system by adding a new packet of our Waste Treatment Granules each time you empty your tank.

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Finished Box With LabelsTired of using other waste water treatment systems that don’t live up to your expectations? Russco Marine has the solution to your problem. Our Waste Water Treatment & Conditioner System was designed, and tested, by boat, motor home and RV owners. Our system eliminates unpleasant waste tank odors and, best of all, it eliminates the high cost of those charcoal filters that other systems use. We treat the problem at the source. Inside the tank. Other products simply mask the odor. Our installation kit is a one time expense. Once installed, the only maintenance you need to do is add a packet of our ECO Friendly Granules to your tank each time you empty it. Our kit comes with everything you need for installation. It’s DIY friendly and most people can install it in about 2 hours. Installation Kit includes all the items shown in our illustration, easy to follow instructions and 3 packets of our ECO Friendly Granules.

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