Installation Instructions


Waste Treatment & Conditioner System

Installation Instructions

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Typical Waste Tank SchematicThank you for purchasing the Russco Marine Waste Treatment & Conditioner System. This product is easy to install and, in most cases, can be completed in less than 2 hours. The graphic to the right represents the components of a typical waste water tank system including the installation of our product. Just follow the simple step by step instruction below to install our product. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You may also post your comments in the Review Section of our Product Page. 

Before You Start Your Installation

Do not start installation of your new Waste Treatment & Conditioner System until you:

• Open the shipping package and inspect the contents for missing items or damage

• Plug in and test your new air pump

Contact Russco Marine if your package is damaged, missing parts or your pump is inoperative.



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Product Granules With Package


Your Installation Package Includes

• Air Pump Assembly

• Vent Tube Assembly

• Dual Air Injector Lines And Tank Adaptor

•  3 Packets Of ECO Friendly Granules






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Installation Kit Sept 18 16 


Step By Step Installation Instructions


Getting Off To A Clean Start: Although not required, now would be a good time to drain and flush your waste water tank. There's probably a lot of sludge and Anaerobic Bacteria in there. Cleaning the tank at this time will help extend the life of your Treatment Granules.


Installing the Dual Air Injection Lines & Tank Adapter: Measure the depth of your tank simply by measuring the top of the tank to the bottom. Then measuring from the very top of the white air injection unit, cut the bottom of the white tubes six inches longer that you just measured on your tank.

We have included enough tubing to accommodate a 24 inch tank. If your tank is taller than 24 inches, you will need to contact us. 

Insert the air tubes into the tank through the 1 1/2" threaded hole on top of your tank. The 1 1/2" threaded hole is standard on most tanks, but if your tank requires a different size, you will need to drill a 2 3/8" hole on the top of your tank and glue in the adapter provided. Make sure the glue used is compatible with the material of your tank.

Installing the Air Injection Pump: Make sure that the location of the marine air supply pump is mounted on top of your tank or higher than your tank. Use a silicone caulk or self adhering Velcro strips to secure the pump. Plug your pump into an electrical outlet that has power on at all times.

Install the black double air lines from the pump to the quick connect fittings on the white air injector unit making sure that they are completely inserted to the white lines on the tubes.

Installing the Vent Tube Assembly: Remove the existing vent filter and replace with the provided Vent Tube Line.

Adding the ECO Friendly Treatment Granules: Flush 1 packet in toilet after every pump out.

System Maintenance: The Russco Marine Waste Water Treatment System was designed to be virtually Maintenance Free. We recommend that you periodically inspect your installation for loose fittings or other problems caused by vibration each time you pump out your tank. 


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