New Waste Tank Inline Vent Filter

Russco Marine Releases It's Next Generation Inline Vent Tube Assembly

March 8, 2016: Our New Waste Tank Inline Vent Tube Assembly is now available at our Online Store.

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The others claim that their filters "eliminate holding tank odors" which is impossible because all they do is trap the odors within your tank causing permeation within the confines of your boat. Waste tanks MUST have oxygen to promote the only thing that will truly eliminate odors naturally. Aerobic Bacteria! 

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Box Top Filter Sept 18 16

This is not your normal waste tank filter that is filled only with carbon. Unlike the others, the Russco Marine inline vent filter allows air to circulate throughout your tank with the patent pending Negative Charge Flow-Thru Technology that will attract odors as the air passes by. This inline filter uses oxygen for the promotion of the good bacteria (aerobic) inside your tank, and will not cause suction deprivation during pump out. 


This Product is sold as a single item or as part of our Total Care Installation Kit.


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